Once we build your website, we don't just offer support. We partner with you for your complete business solution! We become your web and creative staff, and your partner in the digital landscape! Get in touch for your Partnership Solution today!

Ongoing Engagement

We understand your job is to run your organization. We provide the skills, resources, time, and tools to maintain and manage your digital marketing without you needing to take on the expense of a WebMaster on your payroll. Let us help you keep your web presence humming.

Working with you on a monthly retainer, Screen Four can:

  • Support your Site Launch: move all current content, images and needed files from your old site to the new plus create new images as needed.
  • Manage your new site: add, update, and remove content, photos, forms, and more.
  • Provide monthly conference calls to stay current on your needs.
  • Capitalize on marketing opportunities--upcoming ads, Facebook, Twitter, your website and more.
  • Social Media management for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Help with Google Apps, traffic reports, and website analytics--make sure you understand what is happening and take action as needed.
  • Email support: provide both internal email for your company and email campaigns for advertising, newsletters, and more.
  • Serve your other creative and marketing needs. The sky's the limit!

We make it as quick and easy as possible: you simply click on a form, fill out a support ticket, and we complete your request within 48 hours (not including holidays) or less. We also offer phone or email support as needed.

Costs depend on your needs, size, and engagement level.

Get in touch for more details and a full proposal!


5 hours
$80/hr $400/mo
10 hours


By the hour $150/hr Billed every two weeks